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Jim and Rhonda Tuggle

“Just wanted you to know received my first rebate check today. That will go towards our Capital Fund…”

Jan Milbourn

“I was a part of the giving when we built the existing building. I was 16 and I bought a half of a pew and a light. I remember the excitement and the unity of the church as we all joined together for a common goal. I felt like we were truly one body hard at work, each member contributing their portion. This is an exciting time.”

Lorraine and Brad Williams

“I believe God is going to bless us with abundance, beyond sacrifice. As we begin to give, God is going to open the windows of heaven, and pour out a blessing that will provide more than we need. When the people of Israel gave for the building of the tabernacle, Moses had to tell them to stop, for they gave more than was needed.”