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Shantae Arielle Treadwell

I quit school in the summer time to take a job at a homeless shelter thinking that maybe that is what God wanted. I took a job thinking that it would be a good thing for me to work in some type of ministry and didn't consult God thoroughly or long enough to get an answer on if I should take the job or not. I signed a statement of faith in desperation not having really thought the doctrine through. I am a student again that just lost that job because of my beliefs and of course they put it in another way on my termination papers. I was trying to finish school and I got my income cut off for speaking up about being filled with the Holy Ghost and being baptized in Jesus's Name (Pentecostal/Apostolic Beliefs). I wanted to wear the few skirts I had but my boss said I didn't have too. I wrote an email to human resources stating that I didn't want to trade truth for any amount of money. They fired me sometime after I sent that email. (confused and more to the story). Anyway, I have a book that I need for school (Book, lab book, access code). I am also needing transportation from school on Thursday nights from a class that I do need for communication with patients/clients. The class is on the West-side of Bloomington, IN at Ivy Tech Community College. I don't know if it was a test of my faith, a lesson not to trade the truth for worldly matters and possessions, persecution for not dividing God into three persons or punishment for signing that statement of faith and jumping toward a job out of desperation in my circumstances in me losing my job. Basically, I am praying for myself on discernment, direction and others but I am asking for prayer for myself because clearly I don't have leadership to protect me nor guidance. I want God to provide me with the book set for Anatomy and Physiology and the transportation I need on Thursday nights to get to back to my temporary home. I also want God to bless me with a job that I am really used in to glorify him. I am working toward that degree to get licensed to do that job but it seems like I get distracted and have recently been tricked or my vulnerability had been taken advantage of.

Received: December 31, 2018

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